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ISMA Membership

Membership Requirements

ISMA’s mission statement states that a pre-requisite of full ISMA membership is conformance to all aspects of ISO/PAS 17712. This applies to the normative annex and any ISO standard which supersedes this.

To be eligible for membership of ISMA, you must be able to submit the following relevant certificates to support your application.

Product conformance certificates from the ISMA nominated independent ISO/IEC 17025 test house covering:

• Tensile Test

• Shear Test

• Bend Test

• Impact Test

From an independent third party auditor, conformance certificates covering:

• The normative annex of ISO/PAS 17712 - an audit of internal procedures covering the seal manufacturer’s and their approved distributor’s best practices.

• ISO 9001:2000 – Quality Assurance procedures.

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