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Ballot for revision of ISO 17712 closes 23 December

28 Nov 2012

ISO is conducting an up-or-down ballot on an important revision to ISO17712. The revision addresses the difficulties with implementing Clause 6 of ISO 17712:2000.

Important Development in the implementation of ISO 17712:2010 Mechanical Seals

29 Feb 2012

With the final implementation phase of ISO 17712: 2010 planned for 1st March 2012, ISMA and its members have, in recent weeks, received many questions regarding the current status of the specification and guidance on how to interpret this.

In response to these questions and recent developments ISMA wishes to clarify the association's position and offer some guidance to interested parties.

In addition to this statement on the ISMA website you will find a letter confirming the official position of ISO, issued via its technical committee, TC 104, as explained to the World Customs Organisation.

Click here to view the letter

ISO Publishes International Standard

06 Sep 2010

ISO 17712 has finally been published.

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