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ISO Publishes International Standard

06 Sep 2010

ISO 17712 has finally been published.

On the 1st September 2010 ISO published International Standard ISO 17712, replacing Publicly Available Specification PAS 17712. The formal international standard, ISO 17712: Freight Containers - Mechanical Seals, is the result of years of discussion and evolution beyond the PAS.

ISMA represents the producers of more than 80% of the world's security seals. ISMA would like to inform the consumers of mechanical seals and other stakeholders of the key changes in ISO 17712 and how ISMA and its members will respond to and deliver these additional requirements.

There are, amongst other changes, 2 key additions to the final standard:

1. A change in the minimum bolt diameter of 18mm.

2. The addition of a new section on tamper evidence.

This press release focuses on the minimum bolt diameter; a later press-release will cover tamper evidence.

ISO 17712 sets an 18 month transition between the publication date and the effective date of the requirements for minimum seal diameter and tamper evidence. Normative Annex B provides transition guidance to seal consumers and manufacturers.

In order to mitigate any confusion about the transition, all ISMA members will offer 18mm minimum diameter bolt seals for sale as of 1st November 2010. These seals will be newly tested and certified compliant with ISO 17712 by an independent 3rd party laboratory.

It is important to note that less-than-18mm products supplied by ISMA members will remain FULLY 17712 COMPLIANT until the end of the 18 month transition period (March 2012). This means that all current stocks from ISMA members may be used and consumed in the normal manner. Beginning in September 2011, six months before the expiry of the transition phase, ISMA members will voluntarily cease marking less-than-18mm products with 17712's "H" designation for High Security seals.

Seal users need not replace or dispose of any current bolt seal stock from ISMA members; these may be consumed in the normal manner as long as smaller diameter bolt seals are consumed by March 2012. After this date 18mm versions must be used in all parts of the supply chain that require 17712-compliant "H" seals.

ISMA encourage seal users to work with ISMA members to manage seal ordering and inventory to ensure that no customers find themselves using incorrect product beyond the transition period allowed in Annex B.

If in doubt, use an ISMA member to ensure full compliance to ISO 17712.

If you have any further questions, please submit them via the ISMA website.

A copy of this press release can be downloaded on the Education page on the ISMA website.

Note: ISMA strongly recommend that consumers of mechanical security seals and other stakeholders purchase a copy of the new standard and evaluate thoroughly its applications and implications for their particular requirements. Copies of the ISO 17712 are available in English or French from the ISO website or shortly from The American National Standards Institute online store and other National Standard bodies.

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