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Important Development in the implementation of ISO 17712:2010 Mechanical Seals

29 Feb 2012

With the final implementation phase of ISO 17712: 2010 planned for 1st March 2012, ISMA and its members have, in recent weeks, received many questions regarding the current status of the specification and guidance on how to interpret this.

In response to these questions and recent developments ISMA wishes to clarify the association's position and offer some guidance to interested parties.

In addition to this statement on the ISMA website you will find a letter confirming the official position of ISO, issued via its technical committee, TC 104, as explained to the World Customs Organisation.

Click here to view the letter

Current Situation ISO 17712: 2010 - Brief Summary

The implementation of the enhanced diameter requirements to 18mm is complete and this will take full effect as planned on 1st March.

However, the additional requirements focusing on tamper evidence testing of mechanical seals has encountered some difficulties and there will NOT be any seals from any manufacturer which will or could meet the requirements of the standard as currently drafted.

The main issue revolves around the preparation of 3 standard tamper tests and the unwillingness of any independent 3rd party laboratories to offer such tests.

In the meantime, ISO, TC 104 and the various interested parties are working on potential amendments to ISO 17712:2010 later in the year.

In the interim official ISO Guidance, which ISMA supports, suggests:

Consider a seal compliant with ISO 17712:2010 if: the manufacturer or distributor can produce upon request:

A current Certificate of Conformance for mechanical seal testing from an ISO 17025 accredited independent laboratory, the bolt must have an H stamped on it and with the more recently (within last 6 months) issued test reports there should be a letter showing the word "Pass" for the minimum diameter test.

Customers of ISMA members should have no concerns on the 18mm diameter requirement as the production of all ISMA members has been 18mm compliant since September 2010. Also a timely audit report or equivalent letter of conformance for ISO 17712:2010 Annex A. Seal manufacturers' security related practises, completed by an independent process certification provider, specifically accredited to audit performance under ISO 17712.

Consider a seal as non-compliant if: the manufacturer of distributor cannot supply the above suggested information.

If you have any further questions, ISMA or any of its members are available to discuss your particular matters in more detail.

Bob Kirby

Chairman ISMA

March 2012

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