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International Security Manufacturer's Association (ISMA) launch new website

31 Oct 2006

The International Security Manufacturer’s Association (ISMA) has updated its image and launched a brand new website aimed at all suppliers and users of security seals. The updated image includes a brand new ISMA logo featuring a stamp with the new web address. The logo is shown on the new home page.

ISMA, whose membership is currently made up of a number of security seal manufacturers, wishes to expand its numbers to encompass all users and suppliers of security seal systems who are committed to leading their industry towards the highest standards of audit trail integrity.

The site www.ismasecurity.com features items on how ISO PAS 17712 affects both suppliers and buyers of mechanical bolt seals. There are also articles to download from the World Customs Organisation detailing their framework of standards for a seal integrity programme. In future, there will also be articles giving advice from experts in supply chain security.

ISMA has been rejuvenated in recent months owing to heightened security required within the supply chain, emphasised with initiatives generated by the Department of Homeland Security and the development of C-TPAT programme. While ISMA proposes to expand its attention on education surrounding all types of security sealing systems, the current focus is on the new ISO PAS 17712 relating to procedures for mechanical freight container seals.

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