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The International Seal Manufacturers Association (ISMA) selects Bodycote ACT Laboratories, Inc. as sole independent testing lab

06 Jun 2007

The International Seal Manufacturer’s Association (ISMA), with members representing over 80% of the world’s high security seals market, has taken another leadership position within the security and logistics marketplace.

At the recent ISMA meeting in Dublin, Ireland, the membership unanimously approved a strong product testing program to ensure quality, integrity and conformance to the provisions of the International Standards Organization’s Publicly Available Specification (ISO/PAS) 17712. ISMA have named a single testing laboratory to measure compliance for all of its members. The lab is Bodycote ACT Laboratories, Inc., (ACT), based in Hillsdale, MI.

ISO/PAS 17712, Freight Containers – Mechanical Seals, is the globally accepted high security seal performance standard. For example, it is cited as the quality benchmark for the C-TPAT and FAST programs and for the WCO Framework of Standards to Secure and Facilitate Trade (SAFE Framework), including its Seal Integrity Programme.

17712 calls for the use of testing laboratories accredited according to ISO 17025. However, ISO 17025 accreditation is not an open-ended endorsement for any and all testing by a given lab. Since many tests require some specialized facilities and equipment, each 17025 accreditation has a specific and limited scope; that means valid accreditations must specifically mention ISO 17712.

Some security seal manufacturers may claim their high security bolts and cables conform to ISO/PAS 17712, but those manufacturers have not used independent test labs or have used test labs that lack specific accreditation to test for ISO/PAS 17712 compliance. This may result in inaccurate performance reporting.

ACT is, to ISMA’s knowledge, the only ISO/IEC 17025 test facility that has a scope of accreditation which includes ISO PAS 17712. By appointing ACT, the members of ISMA have provided the market with a simplified method to identify true 17712 compliance and consistency in performance.

The ISMA membership has agreed to submit their high security seals to ACT by April 30th for evaluation. If for any reason product submissions do not occur, suspension from the organization can be imposed on any member. This is a strong commitment on the part of the organization. The ISMA mark and membership signifies quality and compliance to those companies and governmental agencies responsible for securing the world’s supply chain.

About ISMA

ISMA members include the major manufacturers of high quality security seals, especially those supplying high security barrier seals. ISMA’s web site, wwwismasecurity.com, includes links to each member’s home page.

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